petainerCooler™ helps brands to stay ahead of BPA regulations, reduce their impact on the environment, and make huge savings on transport costs.

100% BPA-free
As organisations come under increasing pressure from governments to remove all bisphenol-A (BPA) traces from food and beverage packaging, manufacturers need reliable alternatives. Our containers are made from PET – 100% free from BPA chemicals, and with no impact on the water flavour whatsoever.


Preform = huge cost savings
Preform (2-stage) petainerCoolers can reduce freight costs by as much as 90% compared to fully blown containers, as well greatly reduce environmental impact.


Better for brand managers
petainerCooler™ bottles look stunning on the cooler stand. They’re perfectly clear, beautifully crafted, and can be produced in any colour.


Refillable and recyclable
The durable petainerCooler™ is returnable and refillable – handling up to 50 trips. The bottle is also recyclable – helping to further reduce your impact on the planet.

Zero Waste
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