How do we compare?

Compared to standard polycarbonate cooler bottles, petainerCooler™ stacks up on strength, cost-effectiveness and water taste.

Watercooler Bottle
Watercooler Bottle
Polycarbonate Tritan
Bisphenol A (BPA) BPA free BPA issue BPA free
Banned in France 2015 No Yes No
Trip rates +++ +++ +/-
Drop test +++ +++ +/-
Scratch resistance + ++ +/-
Preforms to do own
inhouse production
Yes No No
Freight cost
25.480 preforms/truck 2.080-3.100 pcs/truck 2.080-3.100 pcs/truck
Recycling Yes - bottle to bottle Yes -to nonfood products No - no solution so far
Zero Waste
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