Returnable, recyclable, tough and lightweight – petainerCooler™ helps brands reduce costs at every stage of the packaging process.

Preform efficiency
Preform units (where the container is shipped in a compressed format and blown into shape on-site) can significantly reduce transport costs. Transport cost savings can exceed 90% compared to blown containers – depending on the distance from the production plant to the point of use. A standard truck can fit around 25,480 preform units versus 1,280 blown containers.


Returnable, refillable – double your trip rate
User testing has shown that the petainerCooler™ can double the number of trips achieved by standard coolers. Over the course of a cooler’s lifetime this can represent huge savings on replacement costs.


Seamless design = tougher containers
In drop tests, the petainerCooler™ performed better than polycarbonate alternatives. The petainerCooler™ is “blown” into container form. This means that the bottle has no seams, increasing its strength and durability. If containers split easily, then your company wastes cash on damaged goods.


Stay ahead of legislation
Switching to PET containers now can help you avoid any costly changes later down the line. The signs are that other countries will follow France’s lead in banning BPA from food and beverage packaging (in addition to growing consumer awareness of the dangers of BPA). Acting now helps you prepare for the future.

Zero Waste
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