The petainerCooler™ offers improved performance over polycarbonate bottles on almost every measure.

Double the trips
The petainerCooler™ is durable enough to double the number of trips to and from the packing plant. This makes it highly cost-efficient over its lifetime.


Guaranteed non-split
In drop tests petainerCooler™ significantly outlasted traditional cooler bottles. Our cooler has no seam – making it difficult to split.


Huge potential transport savings
On-site blowing means reduced transport costs. Each truck can carry many more preform containers – resulting in cost savings of up to 90% per unit compared to fully blown alternatives.


Taste 100% guaranteed
Our containers are 100% BPA-free, and do not affect water taste in any way.


Shrink rate (Smithers PIRA)
Petainer are working with Smithers PIRA to complete a number of additional tests. We have already had impressive shrink rate results. To understand your specific shrink rate speak with a petainerCooler™ expert.


Withstands more washing cycles
Our unique material mix creates greater resistance to shrinkage, allowing more washing cycles before any reduction in container capacity.


Flexible and scratch-resistant
Petainer’s unique mix resin offers the perfect balance between stretch factor, scratch resistance and affordability.

Zero Waste
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